Horoscope: Saturn transiting Sagittarius – the influences for every astrological sign (December 2014 – December 2017)

Horoscope: Saturn transiting Sagittarius – the influences for every astrological sign (December 2014 – December 2017)

Aries Horoscope

A time of serious concern for higher education and specialization is best to follow in your life as, after December 2017, studies will weigh a lot in your socio-professional development. You can take advantage of interacting with people coming from other cultural or social environment, or even of higher professional levels. The interaction may lead to deep transformation of some life visions or beliefs and this will cause the restructuring of your plans for the future. Keeping the moral attitude is a test of Saturn transiting Sagittarius and the promises without support could result in damaging some relationships or even in legal issues.

Taurus Horoscope

Saturn transiting Sagittarius is restructuring the manner you valorize other people – family members, collaborators, partners or even friends – and this will have repercussions or positive effects over their earnings of which you could also take (des)advantage. Any business you’ll undertake needs to keep both legal and moral rules. It’s not that it wouldn’t need it anyway, but the transit will bring along huge risks mainly of scandals and/or of legal issues. There are chances for big purchases, although it is advisable to avoid too much glamour. For those who have a partition lawsuit, the righteousness they are looking for in obtaining some values has to do not only to legal rights, but also to moral issues of the relationship they are ending.

Gemini Horoscope

Saturn in Sagittarius brings along the maturity for your either intimate or business relationships. Putting this in other words, Saturn will consolidate what is durable, including in a legal form, or, on the contrary, it will end the relationships with no future from the point of view of a dynamic and rich social life development for you. For individual cases, the geographic distance could prove to be a reason for alienation from your partner and that will be a test that you will see how you will pass it. The rivalries could give you a lot of trouble, regarding also some legal issues. Therefore, moderate both written and verbal answers are advisable for you.

Cancer Horoscope

The transit of Saturn is occurring on the astrological house which is responsible for health condition in your general chart. Hence, any excess of food, energy dissipation, stress, or anger will have repercussions. In the same time, the sign of Sagittarius regards your work. Some of you’ll get a lot of work to do; others will encounter workplace and collaboration-related problems. The difference will be made, eventually, by your personal predispositions to assuming tasks and by your conceited tendencies. For individual cases, working abroad will be a chance that will come along with tough adaptation efforts to the local strictness.

Leo Horoscope

Your love affairs are seriously tested by the Saturn transiting Sagittarius. Too many promises you have made or received, too much time or attention you have paid to (or wasted for) friends may represent, in the next three-year time, reasons for either breaking ups or restructuring your relationship with the loved one. Moreover, your relationships with children are also influenced by Saturn so that, in special cases, they could bring you moral satisfactions or, on the contrary, could produce law-related issues. Special personal gifts of yours could lead you towards celebrity, provided that you foster them with perseverance.

Virgo Horoscope

A deep apprehension of past experiences, perhaps even of those from your early childhood, from both rational and spiritual point of view, it could transform some of your beliefs over family life. Under the circumstances, the anchors that provide you security (or not!) will be changed, generally speaking. During Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius, some of you will move house, maybe even in other town or abroad. Others will plan to redecorate their home too glamorously, in spite of the fact that this wouldn’t be a Virgo’s ordinary choice.

Libra Horoscope

During Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius, communication will be your touch stone. More exactly, your desire to be right … even when you really aren’t, could stir up the dialogues with friends, colleagues, or even with some relatives. You will probably be forced to undertake a lot of annoying actions for finding old papers or for getting new ones. The need to end up studies, even at a mature age, could prove to become imperative. Learning a foreign language would be an inspired idea, as well.

Scorpio Horoscope

Money! This is the key-word in your life, anyway; in the ultimate analysis, so much more significant is Saturn transiting Sagittarius for you as it aims at validation and transformation of your value system. At the end of the analyzed planetary transit, you will probably see more clearly in what ways and how much you can make effective use of knowledge, of relationships abroad or of paying respect to legal and moral rules. It is advisable that any investment you make to be moderate and based on solid information.

Sagittarius Horoscope

Theoretically, you’ll suffer the most at Saturn’s hands as this planet is transiting you sign. Practically, the alternatives are various; they depend on the way you have built your personality so far. Thence, sustained efforts for self-evolution will be rewarded through socio-professional, family, partners or friends-related achievements. Alternatively, any failure that you might experience during Saturn’s transit is a clear signal that you have bet on a superficial knowledge or on excess in public behavior, but also in promises and plans.

Capricorn Horoscope

Saturn in Sagittarius, that is the ruler of your sign transiting the last astrological house of the chart, inclines to isolation, either imposed or chosen one. You will benefit from several circumstances that will give you the chance to reflect upon philosophical or spiritual meanings of some life experiences. The last house of the chart is also responsible for chronic diseases, and therefore I must underline the necessity of avoiding to exaggerate in making efforts and to get irritated. The most favored ones will probably be the Capricorn natives that make plans for collaboration with foreigners or for moving abroad.

Aquarius Horoscope

It would be really interesting for you to count off your friends in December 2014 and then again in December 2017. And afterwards, you let us all know how many friends you have changed. The friendships will be tested and modified by Saturn in Sagittarius so that you could keep only those ones in which there are common affinities and hobbies. In addition, your audience and customers might have exaggerated demands from you, and that could force you to give up some plans, but also to restate others or even to build new ones. A little bit of pragmatism is welcome whichever would be the case.

Pisces Horoscope

Saturn transiting Sagittarius could bring you socio-professional achievements that will benefit of great public attention. But the planet demands to fulfill several conditions in order to accomplish that. It deals with taking advantage of a vocation, along with an elevated and strong knowledge, with morality and even with a bit of modesty (or at least of moderation). Otherwise, the superficiality and the illusion of great dreams that have not enough factual support could lead to spectacular falls and personal drift.

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