North Node through Virgo (2015 – 2017) – a transit aimed at making order in mutable circumstances

North Node through Virgo (2015 – 2017) – a transit aimed at making order in mutable circumstances

The North Node or the Dragon’s Head is transiting the sign of Virgo starting November 12, 2015 at 1:04 UTC until May 9, 2017 at 18:28 UTC. Of course, at the same time, the South Node or the Dragon’s Tail is transiting Pisces, thence those astrological elements forming the lunar nodes axis must always be analysed together.

The lunar nodes on mutable signs of Virgo and Pisces

After transiting two cardinal signs, the lunar nodes axis enters two mutable signs: Virgo and Pisces. That is to change the direction of important collective and individual experiences from achieving partnership-related purposes (while in Libra) towards implementing rules in order to achieve an order that will hopefully offer us all some predictability.  And you know, the main challenges for sticking to rules are chaos, confusion, daydreaming, and escaping duties. For all these challenges, we can make responsible the South Node through Pisces. Or we can try to bring together the energies/predispositions of the two lunar nodes and integrate them as complementary things.

Of course, one of the hardest endeavours of the psyche is to integrate the opposites. But this is a big step towards health, balance and, at the end of the day, to the feeling of wellbeing. So, we should feel motivated to approach those issues instead of trying to get rid of one of the opposite parts at a given moment.

What to work for and what to nurture while the North Node in Virgo

No matter which astrological house is to be impacted by the transits of lunar nodes in every birth chart, there are few recommendations regarding the approach we need to have in order to make the best out of this transit.

  • Finding the rational beyond the irrational. Or I could say it like that: finding the logic beyond sentiments. Logic and sentiments are really hard to be integrated in the psyche at the same time and so, many events will appear as consequences of a supposed conflict between those two. The sign of Virgo always encourage the logical analysis, while the one of Pisces rather feels and relies on intuition. Saturn in Sagittarius might help – better said, might push towards – finding the abstract explanation of the connection between logic and feelings. But I’ll be frank to you. A lot of attention is required to comprehend the reasons beyond escapism, addiction, deep melancholy, and other troubling behaviours or unease that poorly understood feelings bring eventually. And all those will be favoured by Neptune and the South Node in Pisces.
  • Engaging in the daily life in a responsible, useful and even in professional manner. Do you have family duties? Schedule them and fill them as if they represent one of your jobs! Have you submitted to a dance club? Don’t think about skipping classes! Have you undertaken a diet or an exercising program? Stick to it!
    Nevertheless, in case you don’t see the usefulness in such regular activity that you undertake, or in case you consider your job done and responsibilities already fulfilled in a certain matter, then you should put a stop to it. Be careful and honest to yourselves to not make such a decision as an excuse for eluding tasks, for hiding your lack of motivation in sticking to a plan and the weakness that usually leads to addictions, or for having a reason to whine. The South Node through Pisces might tempt you so.
  • Fostering your native gifts that will enable you to adapt through change when difficulties arise on the labour market. This is a very important advice you should take as the hard astrological aspects involving the mutable signs of Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will require a lot of flexibility. Circumstances might look quite shaky and chaotic, and many people are to feel overwhelmed unless they are able to move to another professional field or to undertake a second or a third job that will provide the necessary money for living. It’s good to know what you are really capable of and improve your abilities to be prepared.
    I must warn you this time, too, about being careful and honest to yourselves and don’t slip to superficiality or to acting as unreliable professional on behalf of mutable circumstances. Yes, you’ve guessed: the South Node in Pisces might tempt you to do so.

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