Jupiter’s transit through Libra between September 9, 2016 and October 10, 2017

Jupiter’s transit through Libra between September 9, 2016 and October 10, 2017

Whichever would be the sign the planet Jupiter is transiting at a certain time, we look there to see the opportunities to come. But we should also look there for risks of exaggeration, of overdoing things or of lavishness.

On September 9, 2016, the Great Fortune enters the “field” of associations and equal rights-based partnerships. Between September 9, 2016 and October 10, 2017, it will be a 13-month planetary transit for Jupiter through Libra, including a retrogression phase (February 6 – June 9 2017).

During Jupiter’s transit through Libra, it would be wise to link our goals to association because the best chances for growth are to come as a result of a partnership. This will be the most fruitful frame for pursuing our goals.

Although I mentioned that on several occasions on this blog, in spite of his fame, it would be a mistake to just wait for Jupiter to bring something great, lucky or rich along his transit. The consequences/results of the transit and their consistency over time much depend on how every individual approach his transit. Therefore, I consider important to comprehend the type of endeavours we should engage in order to make the best out of Jupiter transiting a certain zodiacal sign, this time, Libra.

There are things to be favoured by Jupiter through Libra, but there are also behaviours that could ruin our chances to fulfil partnership-related goals. Let’s start with what we should do while Jupiter goes through the sign ruled by Venus:

  • setting and pursuing common goal within relationships;
  • broadening one’s social circle and attending worldly or art events as such circumstances could bring useful connections for supporting one’s professional or social long-term plans;
  • respecting a partner’s or an ally’s rights as equal to our owns within partnership or alliances; also, the fair-play could prove to be an asset to be rewarded by Jupiter’s transit in Libra;
  • apply/make use of negotiation, moderation, elegance – both in the appearance and in behaviours – for creating a proper environment to establish and develop harmonious relationships, and even for reaching the peace between formerly irreconcilable parts of a conflict.

As for the things that we should avoid, some of them (but not all of them) are, as a matter of fact, just exaggerations of the first category, the one above enumerated. It’s like a disrespect of balance and moderation that Libra doesn’t bear, while Jupiter comes now to “judge”. Thence, I want to mention the following things to be avoided:

  • making too many concessions to a partner or accepting too many compromises on behalf of negotiation. These will lead either to a break off in case they become unbearable, or to giving up one’s own chances for self-fulfilment by reason of keeping the partnership no matter what (especially in marriages);
  • egocentrism, especially when it comes to endeavours meant to fulfil partnership-related goals;
  • any action that may create hostility as this could ruin any chance for reaching an agreements in the mutual interest of parts;
  • transforming aesthetics and elegance in superficial means for setting or broadening a social circle. In fact, this is an aspect to pay attention to especially for those who could be manipulated or mesmerized by beauty and nothing but the beauty.

I want to make it clear: Jupiter – the Great Fortune – won’t bring the peace in the world, he won’t make all marriages, business partnerships, political alliances and not at least better that before the beginning of this planetary transit that is September 9, 2016. Jupiter represents the sense of right (justice), growth through knowledge, but also faith/beliefs. So, instead of deluding ourselves about how great our relationships will become due to Jupiter transiting Libra, I suggest to look forward to chances to solve relationship-related issues, irrespective of their sort. Perhaps what we have to learn is empathy, tolerance, fair-play, elegance. Perhaps we need to assign a greater value to art, culture and aesthetics. And perhaps we will see the Jupiter in Libra bringing the sense of right by ending for good long-lasting relationships that can’t answer to common goals for both partners anymore.

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