Pisces New Moon and Annular Solar Eclipse on February 26, 2017

Pisces New Moon and Annular Solar Eclipse on February 26, 2017

The new Moon occurs in the sign of Pisces on February 26, 2017 at 14:58 UTC while the annular solar eclipse accompanying it lasts from 12:10 till 17:35 UTC. The ring of fire, the total face of this annular solar eclipse, will be visible from a narrow path stretching from the southern tip of South America to southern and western Africa (source: timeanddate.com).

There are already Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. The Sun-Moon conjunction on February 26 is to be conjunct Neptune, but in a larger orb Mercury, too. Adding the importance of the annular solar eclipse, sure enough that means deep effects on us due to floating emotions. What could cause such effects? The answer lies with the chart of the moment.

So, at the time of the eclipse, we have an explosive complex opposition implying the Aries-Libra axis. Jupiter retrograde in Libra is challenged by the Mars-Uranus very tight conjunction in Aries. It seems all of a sudden decisions break off rules either being them formally legal or just what can be called conformism.

Inconsistence might be a major issue due to the energy of this annular solar eclipse. Change comes at once with little chance to offer a reliable alternative – things must change, but to what exactly? – and this might be felt like a time of despair. The collective component is highly emphasized in the whole context of the Pisces new Moon (due to the outer planets involved) and therefore, developments very probably will have to do with decisions on a large scale. Mars being involved in such a tight conjunction with the explosive and eccentric Uranus in Aries announces acts of defiance having influence over many people. Side effects might be change of alliances (either for peace or war), abandonment of old common goals and agreements that used to support them.

The unexpected, brutal or eccentric acts will stir emotions on a large scale. Diversity can be presented as differences in human value or rights. Realistic answers are hard to find as compassion and despair (it depends on which side one is involved) are to distort the reasoning.

Near upon the time of the Pisces new Moon and the annular solar eclipse, important accidents/incidents might occur bringing a lot of sorrow due to their dramatic consequences. More probably they will involve very modern means of transportation or various guns. It is a very tense time and caution is required.

But even I underlined the collective implications of developments expected to be brought by the eclipse, it certainly affects everyone by occurrences in our very personal life. And any attempt to differentiate oneself in a relationship, in a team, in the society can be accompanied by a sense of losing the anchor for those who try this. For their fellows, the consequence looks more like feeling abandoned altogether with their common goals. Demotivation might be a serious issue for many then. Any type of partnerships being loaded by heavy compromises or by a lot of sufferance will be challenged as the urge to get rid of those are very powerful at the mentioned time of the Pisces new Moon and the annular solar eclipse.

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  1. Sounds very doom and gloom…there must be something positive to speak of…it is very different from another forecast I read.

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