Sagittarius March 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Sagittarius March 2017 Monthly Horoscope

In search of popularity is your key-endeavour during March. Acting confident, daring and open could bring you the expected popularity. Love life could know a burst of passion that would make things appear like fate or like karma, if you prefer. Old patterns might spring at once in your love life, giving you the chance to live your passion without eluding fairness both to others and to yourselves.

When this won’t happen, meaning the popularity and admiration won’t be at the expected levels (that are, anyway, very high), well, then, some of your behaviours in relationships – especially in love affairs – might become erratic or demanding, even brutal due to sudden answers you give.

At bottom, the above mentioned planetary transit is aimed at helping you become aware of the resorts that make you self-confident instead of depending on the feedback either positive or negative you receive from others. Of course, the relationships with love mates or admirers play a big part in this regard.

The end of the month could be an important time for setting clear what you can rely on, what is the real power you have when it comes to relationships. It is the Aries new Moon occurring on March 28, 2017 that will mark the occasion for you to make yourselves understand, although too much passion in conveying your power can heat even more some affairs.

Home and family represent a field of changes, hopefully through overpassing old sores that have long produced suffering to you. It is time to heal old wounds that kept you captive. This can also contribute to the self-confidence that you are so strongly searching. The best time for this will appear around March 28, 2017, when the full Moon will occur in Virgo.

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