Taurus March 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Taurus March 2017 Monthly Horoscope

There is a lot of frustration you are not able to let out yet. It remains hidden, under pressure and it works violently on your state of mine. The only battle you can undertake, especially in the first part of the month, is with your own beliefs over some areas of your life as they seem to hold you captive.

The horoscope looks more supportive starting with March 11 as Mars enters your zodiac sign, Taurus. He makes you more focused in your actions, more confident and down-to-earth rather than overwhelmed by thoughts and goals that cannot be given effect for the moment.

The same down-to-earth approach seems an option near upon the Virgo full Moon occurring on March 12, 2017. Then you will probably be in pursuit of a sort of usefulness that hopefully will provide you with self-assertion that further on will give you the sense of having a greater value. And you might reach that by supporting some friends in need or just by looking for and fulfilling practical aspects of your love story.

The end of the month is not going to bring you at ease as the Aries new Moon occurs on March 28, 2017. It is a time of renewal, only that for you it will influence only hidden personal goals. As much as you would want to make them clear for everybody around you, this is not possible for various reasons. So, it is best to wait until circumstances will be more favourable.

Venus, your ruler planet, goes retrograde almost all month long (starting with March 4). Circumstances make honesty not an option in relationships at the time. It is something that for the moment seems safer being kept secret. However, any secret linked to relationships that will be disclosed during the mentioned time could be very shocking and offensive.

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