Virgo March 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Virgo March 2017 Monthly Horoscope

Some agreements might seem ideal for you, Virgo. And I can say there are chances for you to attend circumstances almost like those you have long been dreaming at. It might be about meeting a special mate or about laying the foundation of a special partnership.

Anyway, the greatest thing is the effect such developments have on you. It is like a healing wave for old wounds you have probably gotten from miserable experiences. Deep emotional needs could find fulfilment at the time. The most powerful astrological context in this regard appears near upon the Virgo full Moon due to occur on March 28, 2017. Nevertheless, I must underline the risk of illusion, even if unprevailing in the context.

Then, change will be the main concern for you. Money or shared assets could precipitate this, but in essence, the planetary transits being active all month long and the Aries new Moon on March 28, 2017 urge you to transform your attitude towards possessions and attachments. You need to dare more, to call the shots when it comes to financial matters rather than just acting demanding towards others. Subjectivity is an issue for everyone when Venus retrograde in Aries (almost the entire month), but in your case, this could lead to troubling relationships stirred by money issues.

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